3 January 2014


 January 3, 2014
What to Wear on a First Date
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So, you have chatted to your online dating crush for weeks and you are ready to take the next step. Chatrooms are all well and good, you have gotten to know each other intellectually, but it is time to meet face to face. First of all, make sure you meet in a busy environment, a popular coffee shop or your favourite restaurant. Now that you have decided where you are going and the teenage-like butterflies begin to flutter in your belly, it is time to pick the all-important outfit.

Is there a specific outfit that will make your dating match fall head over feet for you? Let’s be serious for a moment, an outfit won’t immediately make your man swoon for you for the rest of his life. However, it will cement that all important first impression. All men are different, thus there are 2 looks I believe you can choose from when going on your date. I call this the Angelina vs Jennifer outfit pick.

The Angelina look is the classic, mysterious and sexy look. This consists of the little black dress combined with stacked heels or demure kitten heels. Add a smudge of deep red lipstick and a messy (yet styled) hair-do and you are ready for a sexy night out. This look gives off a sense of confidence, mystery and class, leaving your man desiring your kiss.

Then there is the Jennifer Aniston look… that is, the girl next door style. This kind of look screams ‘ future wife’ and consists of skin tight jeans, little makeup, a V-neck sweater or t-shirt and a slight heel for good measure.

Make your choice wisely… and if your guy is anything like Brad Pitt, than the Angelina look is for you. Oh, and if your guy is like Brad Pitt, I also hate you.

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