6 November 2014


 November 6, 2014
Anstoßen mit Wein im Restaurant
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The QUICK Way for the Very Busy.

Speed dating is to the social scene what pop-up shops and markets are to the entrepreneurial establishment. If you have something to sell and don’t have the time and commitment to have a shop or permanent position from which to ply your trade, the solution is generally one of the above concepts.
Speed dating is the latest ingenious idea in the social sphere. No time is wasted, no energy is spent and no emotions are rent apart. The minimal time limit of each initial encounter ensures that no undue expenditure of anything important occurs.

The room is set out as a walk around exhibition hall and purveyors of their own personalities pass from station to station meeting, albeit it very briefly, others of the similar ilk in as much as they all want to meet prospective dates. They either want a lasting friendship or a more involved romantic relationship.
This form of dating allows people to briefly decide if the individual opposite him or her is a likely choice for one of the above two concepts. If not, nothing goes any further but if there is slight interest, business cards are exchanged.

No arrangements are made for further mixing at the time- this is done afterwards- and the people move thus from table to table meeting others who are also interested in gaining new friends or prospective partners. This speed dating concept allows people to meet as many others as possible without spending countless hours on dates that end up going nowhere.

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