1 December 2013


 December 1, 2013
Professional Matchmakers
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Online Matchmaking

There are numerous online dating sites available throughout the globe. Online dating has become a societal norm. Back in the day this form of dating was seen as a desperate attempt to find love. Now that online dating has been a successful form of finding love, this kind of stigma has evaporated and online dating has become mainstream.

In the past we would acquire dates through a matchmaker. Professional matchmakers were around, but we would usually be sent on dates via family and friends. ‘This guy is perfect for you!’ A friend would yell… and then a date from hell would ensue soon after. Some people got lucky and would be set up with an ideal partner, while most blind dates would simply end in disaster. I recall my mother telling me about a date she was set up on in the 80’s. Her blind date rocked up at her door (an hour late), dressed in skin tight leather pants with a legendary mullet. She did not want to go on this date – knowing very well it would end badly. It did. She sat in silence the entire night while this man discussed his relationship history. My mother was not impressed. Needless to say this man is not my father.

My mother told me that if online dating was available then, she would have given it a try. Why not? It is easier meeting single men and single women online. With the safety of a computer screen between you, you can gage a person’s likes and dislikes through typed out conversation. If you do not like who the person is – simple click the ‘delete’ button available. Finally, once you are ready to meet someone in person, the pressure will be off and you will feel like you know them a little bit better. Oh, and if your online date rocks up in leather pants and sports an epic mullet – RUN HOME AND DELETE!

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