9 March 2015


 March 9, 2015
online dating
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So you’ve done it, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to embark on the journey of dating online; what now? For starters, take a look at the profile you’ve created, does it showcase you in the best light? Would you date the person you’re seeing on the screen?

Dating online can be a fascinating and rewarding experience, as long as you play nice and follow the basic etiquette, and always remember to be yourself. The first thing your potential mate will encounter is your profile photo, is it an accurate representation of yourself as you are now? Avoid using old photos and definitely avoid using overly photoshopped images, it goes without saying that you should definitely use a photo that is actually of yourself. Beyond that, remember to be honest, don’t exaggerate your achievements and never lie; you’ll be saving yourself from the world of embarrassment that comes with being caught out in a lie.

When it comes to finally chatting to the individual who’s sparked your fancy, be honest and open about your intentions, but remember to never be pushy or demanding. Sometimes things don’t work out and the spark just isn’t there, be it from one side or both, if this happens don’t feel dispirited or lash out at the other party, the world of online dating affords many opportunities to get back up and try again. Join Best Dating today and meet you love match.

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