19 September 2013
 September 19, 2013
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Elite Online Dating

No, I did not meet a vampire and have him bite me and now we’re living happily ever after.  I did however meet a HUGE Twilight fan (as am I) on a very popular online dating site.  It’s a funny story actually.  We started out as enemies, because I’m a huge Edward Cullen fan and he’s a Bella Swan fan.  But… he wanted Jacob with Bella and I was like… Really?  Okay, so you get the gist of it, right?

So… we arranged to meet up after a few heated online arguments (I’m very surprised the online dating service didn’t suspend us both from its online platform!).

Well, you know what they say; he walked into the restaurant, we looked at each other for a long moment and the rest is history.  There was no more talk of Twilight for the rest of that evening.  We sat talking and laughing and eating until our waiter almost begged us to leave as we were keeping everyone from going home.

When I got home that evening, I felt so sorry for all the single men and single women out there who do not have the connection that I immediately felt with my “best enemy”.  Needless to say, online dating led to “meeting in person” which led to “happily ever after.  These days we’re working on our Twilight fan fiction, waiting for our first baby to be born.  And yes, we still have marathon Twilight weekends.  That’s when we’re not convincing our single friends to sign up to online dating services!

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