5 March 2014


 March 5, 2014
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Give dating online a chance

“Eeeeek, meeting people online! Are you crazy?!” I’ve heard this so many times. Ladies, it’s 2014. Stress less, and take the leap. Who knows who you’ll meet online? The man of your dreams could be one click away on that free dating website.

Pucker up, snap that selfie, and let’s see where it takes you. I hear those murmurings, “what does she know about dating online?” Well, I was lucky enough to meet my gorgeous husband online. That’s right ladies. He’s a gentleman, a loving father, supportive, and most importantly- all mine! Don’t get me wrong, online dating didn’t start off incredibly well. I met a few, shall we say “strange” individuals, who left me with chills. One guy in particular gave off that creepy vibe, and I couldn’t handle him for very long. During dinner I slipped out of the restaurant to “powder my face” and he didn’t see me again. Sure, that’s a bit mean, but you don’t understand what I was dealing with. On another date which I thought was going quite well, my partner kept leaning on over and stealing my food. Now don’t get me wrong- I don’t mind sharing, but it got to the point where my plate had less than his and I hadn’t even started eating!

They aren’t all frogs though, because soon after those dates my future husband popped up. Ladies and gents, give dating online a shot. You never know who might be lurking around that corner.

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