8 May 2014


 May 8, 2014
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Are you and your friends single women?

Single women in South Africa find it increasingly difficult to meet suitable, eligible, available men. It is generally unsafe to frequent singles haunts alone or even with a friend given the proclivity of criminals who stalk women alone or in small groups. Dating online is a suitable solution to this problem because you have at least a little pre-screening available prior to setting up the meet. The meeting, too, can be at a far more appropriate place than a bar or club.

Preferable to these ambiguous venues, a genial and escapable lunch can be arranged at a restaurant- in daylight- and a communication can be explored. If the date is not working it is easier to find a reason to leave, however it is also easy to make another date if things look promising.

Dating is by no means easy in this day and age- both for time limitation reasons and the safety of your person and belongings. Society has become more secluded of late because of increasing crime levels and the cocooning that has become almost the norm. It is sometimes considered less than desirable for women, either singly or in groups, to frequent bars and sleazy clubs.

Single women are now able to find suitable male companions, as friends or partners, through online dating services- all of whom are well represented on the internet. Word of mouth always works best and it is advisable to speak to friends and acquaintances about their experiences of online dating and to use their testimonials and references as a guide to their own dating process. In the privacy of your home, nobody need feel the acute embarrassment of being seen as a predator eying the prey. It is far tamer and safer to check availability on your computer.

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