12 June 2014


 June 12, 2014
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It is difficult enough to meet eligible people with a mind to a romantic relationship and if you are a committed Christian, it could be even harder. Christian dating in South Africa is on the increase with several sites purely for people who live their Christian religion fully.

Social rules regarding darting vary considerably across cultures, countries and religions with behaviour patterns often being unwritten but stringent and constantly changing. Issues such as: who is allowed to ask the other on a date, who pays for the food or movie, what can and cannot be spoken about and whether or not kissing is permitted on a first date, are extremely stressful so it is often a great idea to instil some humour. You can’t be too upset if you’re laughing.

All dating, including Christian dating in South Africa is embarked upon to evaluate a person’s suitability for an extended, romantic relationship- a long term companion or spouse. Characteristics such as looks, financial stability and personality are all assessed formally or non-formally and the entire situation can be stressful and pressurised. The need to find a similar Christian person is extremely important for some eligibles. If your religion is a large factor in your day to day life and if you spend a considerable amount of time at church functions or in church itself, it is vital to have a partner who appreciates your commitment and feels the same.

Although basic rules of dating apply, there is always room to experiment and if you’re not sure of what to do or say, there are numerous sources of advice available. You need to know what an acceptable venue is, what acceptable topics of discussions are and what you should or shouldn’t wear. For the Christian amongst you, the conversation will inevitably be your religion because it is so important in your daily lives. Try a Christian dating site to meet a wonderful future partner for yourself.

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