4 February 2014


 February 4, 2014
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Online Dating Service

Of course, this is a generic question. I mean, who isn’t looking for love? We, as humans, are hard-wired to find companionship. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

My best friend and I signed up to a free online dating site. The next day she had had numerous requests, while I only had one. As soon as I opened his profile, that no longer mattered. Wesley was his name, and he was perfect. His favourite things included pancakes, walking his dogs, and books. Books! Immediately I imagined spending rainy Sundays on the couch with him while we read. Perhaps I’m getting slightly ahead of myself. Let’s backtrack- I messaged Wesley, asked him if he would like to meet for lunch, and he said yes.

I met Wesley at a small restaurant down the road from my place- luckily he lived close. From the moment he sat down to the moment we left, we did not stop talking. We had so much in common it was actually ridiculous. I almost fell off my chair when he mentioned that he loved Shakespeare. I guess at that moment I pretty much knew that this was going somewhere. We went on a few more dates and slowly he grew on me. Wesley really was a fantastic guy! A few weeks later he surprised me with a trip to Knysna, where he asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend. I think you know what I said. ;)

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